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Bryant McGee Jr. is another long time Northern Arizona resident, born and raised in the Williams area, Bryant now lives in Kingman Arizona. He has a thorough knowledge of units 7, 8, 9, 10, 12b, 15's, 16's, and the 18's! Bryant knows how difficult it is in this day and age to draw any kind of permit to hunt Arizona! He strives to not only make sure your hunt is a successful one, but memorable as well. After all, if your not having fun you may as well be back at work, right?! Bryant's passions include (but not limited to), Mule Deer hunting (with Coues a close second), unless its Elk season, then Elk is his passion. But if its the time of year for Antelope, then suddenly they are his passion, of course his sights change toward the end of the year and suddenly his passion is Desert Bighorn Sheep! Actually, come to think of it, the year usually begins with Javelina, so I guess Javelina are his passion at times..... Well, you probably get the point!

Bryant does enjoy getting on the lake when the weather warms up and all the Big Game hunts have come to a close for a little bass fishing! I guess any excuse to get out in pursuit of anything would sum up Bryant's passion(s).

Bryant's personal past achievements in hunting include several Big Game species taken with Archery and Centerfire equipment. Some of these Big game animals include Mule Deer in excess of 200 inches, Coues Deer in excess of 100 inches, Elk in the (not quite 400 inches) high 370's, and many many more! If your interested in a little varmit hunting, Bryant and P.T. have been competing in coyote contests for over 18 years now with 14 years of ending up in the top 3! All done with the old fashion mouth call, just like he does while Elk hunting!

Like all MuleyBull guides, Bryant strives to give you the experience of a lifetime, and help you put that trophy of a lifetime on your wall! Just make sure you show up prepared!!


Jamie Mace is born and raised Williams Resident that has been putting meat on the table since an early age. Without a doubt Jamie’s passion is Elk hunting and we have by far some of the biggest and best elk hunting around, and Jamie has taken numerous monster bulls with one at the 400 mark all from the local area. It doesn’t seem to matter where Jamie is, it could be the Tundra and he would find elk. But along with his expertise comes a just down to earth solid guy that doesn’t have to say a lot to get his point across which you’ll learn when you meet him. But when the hunting action gets going you’ll see why he’s out there and what his true love is. Jamie is very knowledgeable of units 7, 8, 9, 10 and 18a. He believes if you’re going to talk the talk then you better walk the walk and he stands true to this when it comes to info on animals found for the upcoming hunts.


                                                                                                                    Long time resident of Southwestern Arizona, Dave Daniels can be found floating along the Colorado River

setting a hook in a fat Largemouth Bass during the summer months, but when the hunting seasons begin

to roll around, forget the water, Dave heads to the hills! You wont see a Deer or Elk season go by

without the presence of Dave. But Dave's real passion has to be Desert Bighorn Sheep! Dave has been

the go to guy on many Desert Bighorns taken over the years along with a 170+ ram he took when his tag

finally rolled around! The largest ram taken in Southwest Arizona that year!

Dave has taken and helped others take many trophy Deer and Elk through just about every part of the


Now retired, Dave is looking for an excuse to take up residency in any part of the state for months on

end. Like the rest of the MuleyBull crew, Dave works his tail off to make sure your hunt is a success,

while having an experience of a lifetime in the process